Living Environment:

"Green Living" or resident's floor plan In-Draft and Engineer Design; caught most of all Residents' Living
in a full Green Scale of the Greatest Achievements in a fully Resident Responsible Super-Structure.  
The Super-Structure will allow for the first time ever, a Familiarity and Resolution into Placid movement
for the Residents.This will always Format Green Living and will also is to be seen in this most
Energizing  Lifestyle.  

Residents', finding their own Lifestyle within the Super-Structure, is most important and highest in
achievement.  Saying also, "Resident's coexistence of a Green way of life is never heeded."  This
"no-heed" is very conducive for affecting all Green Residential Elements.           

Living Environment,  Proposing Lifestyle and unlimited for Minding the Elements---New environmental
production for Food, Clothes, Technologies-Technical- Assemblies and a Resident recourse
state-of-the-art Realization Center with Theater setting.    

New health----total health lifestyles with comprehension continuum while a resident.  

A person "Child" reared in a home-life for "Green Health,"  will offer one of the highest forms of
Liberalizing into Health-Fundamentals.
Of coarse, anyone as advised with in the "Green Health" as those who ideal in this Health, and like
myself, Pres. of  GreenEcoSystem.US,  whom has been such a green person for almost all my life
(Ideally)----all of these Green people will show health achievement and find greater Health-Engineering,
that is, belonging to Health Living and Environment.     

Engineering Green , while living in a "GreenEcoSystem"  is so much different from the just, Green
Health Living, that, a resident  living inside the System, will excel to more appropriate condition's, at
You can see Pro Benefits of Health from any stand-point; this is while you encompass the full view of  
Green Structures as they are in their Fundamental Works.

This will be said, "Going-Green, is too big to be stopped;"  right?  That is said to be...... Green!  

A "Green" System, especially Green Eco System will provide the root element for energy placement.  

Energy using itself for most efficient results.  The moving of all mobility units from a unique new power
drive, electric or magnetic driver.

ProBusiness founding base; natural and green when "Business Residents" makes landfall in the
Green Eco System.  Any ProBusiness design is for the Green Eco System's "Residents,"  thus, making
for "Design-Changes'"  to establish into the Green Eco Sysytem's infrastructure (Esp.)

Green Eco System.US's  "(PC) DEPOSIT" Account  
Ricky C Menasco             
Colorado Springs, Colorado US
////////////////////////Donations (Procedure Explained:)//////////////////////////    
As this system is a non producing in actual product---till factor's allow.  The Green Eco System.US will
remain supported with and start by using "Money Grants" from sources around the globe.  

Looking into this aspect of the system, I will present the Bank Info this System will honor.......

When choosing to give your money grant (see instructions below.)

For any "Grants" made for the "Green Eco System."

"Independent" Grants, you must send to the following bank:
Academy Bank -
Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Business Account ( GreenEcoSystem.US )
Routing Number: 107001481
Ricky C Menasco's account number 9202099606.

A Tax Receipt will be for Donations.  This is once a deposit transaction from your Donation is applied to
this account, Green Business Bank Account and completed.
Thank You for leading business interest for the Green Future.

NEW MEMBER                                        SITE GUESTS

The  Masdar City's Mubadala Development Co. was sent a email-(,)  
10/03/> updated

10/13/  I ask the CAREERS office to forward the email to HIS HIGHNESS

10/30/  I am trying to get the Press to respond.  Their interest in media and
being reviewed online here for GreenEcoSystem.US, well, that is best.> updated
11/03/2010---Press has responded with a email indicating, what type of format and what to say, should
be more clear.  
Great!  I sent a return email with a example or two for their type of letter to present on the Web Site here
at (GES.US.)
Thank you very much Press & Corporate Communications Team.  Unkown name's---R Menasco Pres.
11/20/2010-Press has received a email from (GES.US) it's directed to CEO/Mr Jaber of the MDC.  
Updated for same content in this email as earlier one.       

We have, here at Green Eco System, requested, MDC tell their statement on this web site. I, included,
ask for MDC for membership with the Green Eco System.US and  with us here today.  
A short response from His Highness (Even a MDC "Form") in relation to their "GREEN CITY" and to be,
our "GREEN ECO SYSTEM"  would be read by millions of viewer's.
Note, Masdar City is looking for residents for their business financial returns as of now.

MDC  finding this site will privilege us this

10/10/2010---In the past weeks, most all of the USA-Governor's have received a email from the
GreenEcoSystem.US.  Participation is requested and  membership from these "New Members" in their
New Prospects of Concern.                                        
                                PRESIDENT MR. RICKY C MENASCO                                 





Abu Dhabi, Arabia-UAE

An Arabian City supported and built by the "MUBADALA DEVELOPMENT CO."

Mubadala, it is actually the inspiration of the UAE Federation or Organized by the Federation's Leaders
in Arabia.


Colorado Springs, Colorado USA

"GREEN" USA word for support of the "Lifestyle" to Americans.

"ECOLOGICAL" USA word "meaning" the support, management, and processes while in environmental

System indicates,  any ProBusiness in USA will find only advantage in backing the Green Eco System's

Offering, only fundamental support from our "GREEN" System to other unique and same Systems.
Masdar Video Map       
To find and see your
Donation and any other
information in the

page today...  
go ahead, make your
Donation for GES.US
now!  Show the viewers,
make sure the Future
City is and will be apart
of your life.  Looking
every year, for the info
you have placed toward
a Green Future, show
your a Member.

    Dr Sultan Al Jaber      
    Managing Director and Chief Executive   
    Officer of Masdar City
  Masdar's video map is still on "You Tube.Com."

This is a very realistic response from
the UAE "user" in the relationship be-
tween us here at GreenEcoSystem.US
Colorado Springs, Colorado and
Masdar City, Arabia.
(When you click-on the "Masdar Video
" above, you will see the "user's"
most recent contact point.)

UAE User, accessing the GREENECO-
SYSTEM.US  is sure a "Great Interlude."
This is, your making these two Green
Cities a future and finish-date discussion...
" I will indicate today, Anytime!
"Preferably NOW."  

Note:  The Masdar Mubadala Development
Co.  has updated their video selection to
offer better concept revelations.  
            " NEW"
D      O      N      A      T      I      O      N      S